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My Story

My name is Lindsey Gonzales and I am the founder of Stars Over Texas Events and Rentals. All my life I have been an organized and detail-oriented person who has the need to plan everything. I am a list maker, note jotter, and spreadsheet creator for every little thing you can think of. It took me a while (almost 30 years) to realize what I am meant to do... and that is event planning and coordinating. I decided to take the plunge and put my skills to the ultimate test by starting my own business.

It wasn't until after my wedding in 2020 (yes, I said 2020) when I realized I wanted to become an event planner and coordinator. I planned my wedding on my own for 16 months. I did everything from coordinating with all vendors, to creating the invitations, to assembling the decor beforehand, to even creating specific wedding weekend itinerary timelines for each vendor, family member, and the entire bridal party. I had no prior event planning before this. It just all came natural to me. We had invited 600+ guests and chose a beautiful old dance hall in the hill country as our venue. Everything seemed to be falling into place and we were ready to go within the month of the big day. Our original wedding date was set for March 28th, 2020. Well, we all know where this is going... At the beginning of March 2020, our world was hit with a global pandemic. Once I got through my first major panic attack and realized what this meant for my wedding day, we made the decision to postpone just 10 days before the big day. After contacting all guests and vendors with our major news, we had two months to prepare ourselves again. I had another set of Re-Save-The-Dates mailed out for our new date. Unfortunately, May 2020 was still not an acceptable time for large events in our area. Third time's a charm! By this time, we had the routine down. Once again, we contacted all guests and vendors and mailed out another revised Re-Save-The-Date for September 2020. Once August 2020 rolled around our venue decided to tell us that they were not opening for any September weddings. By this point, we were done with postponing. Schools were opening, businesses were operating, and people were moving on. So, we decided to find another venue. We then had to cut our guest list in less than half due to the venue change, which meant we had to disinvite 300+ people. This was heartbreaking for us. Who wants to tell people they are uninvited to an event? We were so grateful to see such love and understanding from everyone through this entire process. After the chaos of this pandemic, I finally married my best friend on September 12th, 2020. No, it wasn't my dream wedding. No, it wasn't what I had planned for 22 months (by that point). No, not everyone we wanted there could attend. With everything we went through, it was still the best day of our lives. 

The day after my wedding I felt a huge weight magically lifted off my shoulders. I felt like I could breathe again! But not long after (maybe a week later) I was starting to feel lost, like something was missing. I had been planning the wedding for almost two years. What was I to do now? That was the moment I realized I wanted to organize other people's events. I had finally found my true calling. 

2020 taught me so many things like to always expect the unexpected, that I can't always plan things and expect them to turn out the way I vision, and if a certain decision or guideline changes a plan, I learned how to find another route to reach that goal. That year was definitely a test for me but also a blessing that led me to realize that I enjoy what I was born to do and am great at it!

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